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You Can’t Weigh Self-Worth

I turn 25 tomorrow. A whole quarter of a century, and I still can’t wrap my brain around it. I have always felt like an old soul, so saying the words “I am 25 years old” sometimes physically hurts and almost always makes me feel like I am lying. Ha! Even as I type this, it is 7pm and I am laying in bed, showered and about to unplug for the night. My grandma flag flies proud and I ain’t mad about it.

Part of being an old soul means that even though I am young and ignorant in many MANY ways, it also means I have wrestled with (and accepted) a few crucial life lessons a lot earlier than some of my friends. Here is a special one though:

You can’t weigh self-worth.

I shared that on my personal social media last July. I saw it on a friend’s page and borrowed the idea, because it hit me straight in my old lady heart as a reminder that friends of ALL ages need. It was a lesson I struggled and wrestled with many times, but ultimately came to accept the inevitable truth.

You are worthy.

Your body is worthy too.

Whether or not you have had children.

Whether or not you have lost them.

Whether or not you drank alcohol last night.

Whether or not your thighs touch.

Whether or not you met your calorie or macro goal.

Whether or not you ate Chic-fil-A today.

Whether or not you ate in secret or in shame.

No matter your skin color.

No matter your height.

No matter your age.

No matter what the scale says….

You can’t weigh self-worth. You are, simply worthy, by His grace and mercy. And the sooner you realize that, hide it in your heart and accept it as Truth, the faster that weight will be lifted off your shoulders. The shame of yesterday’s choices, the guilt of past actions, the anger, the disappointment, the feelings of ‘unworthy’…. It will eventually fall away.

Sis, yesterday is heavy – put it down.

You’ve got this,