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A gal told me the other day, “I don’t have your motivation.” A couple days later, I was speaking with a friend on the power of habits and how fleeting motivation is.

The truth is, we don’t just “have” motivation. We have to choose to be disciplined, and when we fail, we fall back on habits.

Our brain processes hundreds of choices within minutes and they revolve on what we feed our body, mind, and soul. We have to choose to eat nourishing foods, to make exercise apart of our day (like an appointment), and to hide His word in our heart – ya know what I’m saying?

But we know that life isn’t always that simple.

Sis (in theory), it is pretty dang simple: drink your water, eat your greens, read your Bible, and love yourself and those around you well.

I’ve had plenty of seasons, where my choices were negatively focused. I chose to complain and focus on the pain of my past. I chose to ignore my feelings and drown my sorrows in Chic-fil-A. I chose all the wrong things and all the wrong people In those seasons…I wasn’t my best self, and I honestly hated myself for it.

Yes, life happens and there are bad days, but we each make daily choices. And while I don’t have my life wrapped up neatly in a shiny, pretty bow… I do have some things that have helped me to make better daily choices that align with my goals. Here are my (6) habits that help ensure success:

UNPLUG. Funny story, we canceled our wifi 2 months ago because Spectrum called my bluff after I threatened to cancel if they didn’t lower my bill. Long story short, it was the best thing that we have done. We spend more time talking, laughing, being outside, and simply enjoying each other. If we want a little electronic entertainment, we rent a DVD from Redbox or the library. Otherwise, we simply enjoy our lives as unplugged as possible. Make boundaries with technology – how long you spend on it, who you follow, what you are consuming… and if it isn’t serving you, unplug.

MORNING ROUTINE. For me it’s ALWAYS to make the bed. It’s the first thing I do. It’s immediately completing a task in the morning, this triggers the brain to complete more tasks. Also, having time in my gratitude journal, prayer time, and devotional.

MEAL PLAN. Every week, I take inventory of the fridge/pantry. I plan meals based off what we already have. and then make a list for the week and head to the store. This helps a food budget, health goals, and avoiding the awful, “6:30pm, nothing is thawed, we’re hangry, what are we going to eat” dilemma.

WORKOUT. My body feels better when I move, it is truly that simple. But I didn’t always feel that way, and it took MONTHS to build that habit over time. How I went about building it was that I made appointments for workout and I did NOT cancel. Not on my trainer, not on myself. Wether it was a 15 minute walk or an hour in the gym, I move my body daily.

POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS. When I walk by the mirror, I try my hardest to complement myself (it’s not always easy), and/or thank God for the body he gave me. When I’m working out, I repeat over and over in my head positive affirmations. When I am driving, or in the shower, or falling asleep… I am thanking God for all the good He is doing in my life and I am speaking these affirmations over my life.

WATER. I am a broken record, but just drink your water, okay? When you’re hydrated – you feel better, perform better, sleep better, have clearer skin, less headaches & pains, crave better, and makes your immune system stronger.

Little changes, add up. We don’t have to be extreme, just consistent. What choices do you make, that help you be a better you?

You’ve got this,