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To the Girl Struggling…

We all come to a point in our lives where we are simply struggling. Struggling to find motivation to keep growing. Struggling to keep up with our ever-changing environment. Struggling to succeed at work, in life, and within relationships. And if we are being honest, the struggle can be all-consuming and overwhelming. Once you start growing weary in one area, the rest is sure to follow. Then, all of a sudden, you find yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. Can you relate?

If you answered no, #sorrynotsorry but you are a liar.

Your season of struggle may last a few months, maybe a few years. Whatever your timeline may be one thing is for certain – millions of questions and scenarios inevitably flooded you brain, but the only one that seems to matter is: “How do I get out of here?”


Have you ever heard the saying “the best kind of friend is a praying one?” True story. Thank God for my praying mother, husband, and friends. There will be times in your life where no amount of affirmations or positive self-talk can pull you out of the valley you are in. But Jesus can, and He often uses those around you as His tools – ask Him for help, ask your loved ones. When we retreat and pull away from our community, isolation sinks in and the weight of our struggles are now solely resting on our shoulders. Sister, share the burden with those who would willingly chip in to lift some of that weight off of you. It is okay to let others in and to let them help – you dont have to be it all or do it all by yourself. Find the people who love and support you. Cling to them. And allow them to pour into you when you are feeling empty.


This one is for my control freaks and perfectionists like me: Sister, you will always have room for improvement. You will be a beginner MANY times. You will have to re-learn MANY lessons in life. You will fail MANY times. You will fall short of MANY expectations and goals. See a pattern here? You can’t be perfect and you won’t just wake up being the most excellent human being on planet earth. Growth is painful. Change is painful. But you know what is the most painful? Staying stuck somewhere you dont belong forever. Keep fighting sis, and keep growing. JUST KEEP GOING. Day by day you will realize those baby steps you have been taking actually took you farther than you could’ve ever imagined.


If you are a living and breathing human, there are dreams and goals in your heart that haven’t come to fruition yet. All the while, you are grasping onto every second you can, hoping to complete it all and will them into reality. STOP. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to “have it all by X point in time.” For 90’s babies like me… its 30. I am supposed to simultaneously be thriving in my career while being a happily married, highly educated, debt-free, healthy mother/homeowner/mentor/friend/whatever…. Wow, what a lot to expect from myself. We live in a world that tell us we should have it all, all RIGHT NOW. I am here to tell you, stop stressing about the clock ticking inside of your head. Whatever your dreams, ideas, and goals are – you have time. Most importantly, this place you’re stuck in, you will get out – just keep climbing little by little, time is on your side. Take the time to learn what you need to during this ‘season of stuck.’

If you are in a season of struggling, I hope you know 1) you are never alone and 2) this won’t be forever. Reach up and reach out, there are people out there willing to help and breathe a little life back into you.

If you don’t have a community and you are looking for a place to fit in, you have a seat at our table and you are welcomed any time. Sit down, grab a glass, and let’s talk.

You’ve got this,